Why did we choose WBR?

Walking is the primary mode of transportation for many people in the developing world. Everyday tasks can quickly become a struggle against time and fatigue. Going to school, visiting the health clinic, and delivering goods to market are more challenging because of the barrier of distance. In many areas throughout Africa it can take 8 hours per trip to collect water that only lasts a day or two. Women often walk 6-10 miles per day to carry 15 liters (4 gallons) on their shoulders or heads for the long trek home. It is also common for schoolchildren as young as six years old to walk more than 5 miles to school each and every day to get a proper education.

Spending most of their waking hours collecting a basic necessity prevents women and children from attending school, farming or doing other income-generating activities. Young girls are especially at risk of dropping out of school due to limited family resources and early teen pregnancy. It also eliminates the time for family care and community life important aspects of life in any culture.

World Bicycle Relief has built programs to provide specially designed, locally assembled bicycles for students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs across Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. While the bicycles themselves help individuals conquer distance and increase their carrying capacity, WBR has also created new economic opportunities by training field mechanics and employing bike assemblers to support our local programs.

We aim to raise $1.00 for every 2 miles of our 10,000 miles journey! $5,000 will provide nearly 35 bicycles to schoolchildren in need and allow them to get the education they need to succeed.



Cool Earth

Our goal is to raise at least $750 to support Cool Earth, the official charity of the Mongol Rally. Cool Earth works with indigenous communities to protect endangered rain forest. In five years the charity has protected 330,000 acres of rain forest that sit directly in the paths of chainsaws and bulldozers, creating a shield to a further 3 million acres of forest. This donation may be tax-deductible for US taxpayers (EIN: 04-2730954)